My Exciting 2020 TV Make Up Goal

Announcing my exciting 2020 TV Make Up Artist goal. To work at the Monaco and Silverstone Grand Prix. Why? – because I love doing my job in interesting and exhilarating places. Additionally, I have beautiful family and friends in London who I don’t see often enough. Furthermore, Formula 1 is sensational. Importantly, I aim to provide exceptional TV Make Up and hair services to TV sports presenters. You may wish to follow my journey as I document it.

A few challenges lie ahead that I can foresee and I am sure there are many that I can’t. For instance, getting to Europe with required tools.  Packing, booking flights, Visas.  That shouldn’t be too difficult just time consuming. Ideally I don’t want to take the kitchen sink. It is just too heavy. Being a ruthless packer will help that. So too a European summer lightens the clothes load. I may even leave the thermals behind. A little makeup shopping spree abroad never goes astray either. Another challenge; finding an employer – could be tough.  Network, network, network and keep researching for potentials. Being courageous to ask for work puts me out of my comfort zone at times. Logistics to, from and at the events all pose solvable problems. Hire cars, international driver’s licence, accreditation, tolls, motorways, tunnels. Problems or Adventures? Skew the view and it can become a lot of fun. Moreover finding the right employer who appreciates an experienced and enthusiastic TV Make Up Artist may alleviate these hurdles. Even writing this blog is somewhat confronting. I would love to add bells and whistles perhaps an F1 engine sound effect however I still have a very long way to go to mastering my WordPress website.

So I gratefully welcome any tips, contacts or advice you care to share. Please feel free to email or phone me.

Stop Press… Looks like this will be put on the back burner for a while thanks to #HighRiskCovid19. Certainly a challenge I didn’t foresee.