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Essential Stand by Make Up kit Items

I have had the privilege of working with the cream of the crop of Australian and New Zealander Make Up Artists, not to mention some extremely talented creatives from other shores. Why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to watch and learn.

Every Make Up Artist is just that – an Artist. As such we all have our own  style and  favourite tools to execute our vision. That said once the vision has come to fruition it is often the case it needs to be maintained either in a studio or on location. It may be as simple as a contemporary male character such as Toadie on Neighbours (Fremantle Media) or a period female character, say, Queen Elizabeth in The Crown (Netflix).

The photo taken of the Additionals Team was taken on location of the Australian period TV series “Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries” (Seven Network). The amount of gear is about standard for a make up artist to bring at the start of the day but once on set it gets reduced significantly.

I quizzed a few of my colleagues whilst standing by on various sets. Here are the top 5 generic items  for your Standby Kit in no particular order.

1. Tissues

2. Cotton tips

3. Hair Spray

4. Tail Comb

5. Hand Sanitiser

Short and sweet. Please feel free to contact me with your faves.