Make Up In Women’s Sport

Media coverage of sporting events and their participants is increasing rapidly. Cameras are able to provide images of athletes’ faces seconds after they complete their event, enduring the gruel or bowing out (dis)gracefully. Why is it that some women chose to wear make-up during their event and some do not?

What are arguments for and against? Empowerment, PR, endorsements, event image expectations (ice skating). The feel of products on their skin. Even protection from the elements however anyone who has ever had sunscreen seep into their eyes can understand how distracting from peak performance that would be.

There have been some outstanding athletes famous not just for their super human accomplishments but also their looks while achieving them. Leontien van Moorsel, a Dutch cycling powerhouse and 4 time Olympic Gold medal winner was partial to a red lip. Florence “Flo Jo” Joyner (pictured) – iconic Athletic Style.

A plethora of products available claim to be waterproof, smudge resistant or stay all day. Add to them more permanent options such as tinted lashes, hair colour, lash extensions, SNS nails, eyebrow feathering..the list is truly endless.

So why bother? Surely keeping up appearances adds to the hectic schedule and budget of an athlete. VicHealth investigated Women’s Sports Coverage – their appearance is one factor being studied.

Sport sans makeup maybe your preference. Alternatively, if a product makes you feel good then power to you. A few of my recommended products include….tinted moisturisers with or without sunscreen, lash extensions, long wear lipstick, lip and cheek stains and mineral makeup.