4 Tips for Beating On Set Heat

Over the weekend we had a taste of the exhausting heat that may be encountered over the next few months. If you are working on set in Summer, try reducing the temperature with these cool tools.

  1. Water. It is so obvious but how many times has the 1st AD called lunch and you realise you haven’t had a sip of H2O all day?Two wake me up breakfast coffees don’t count either. Try starting the day with water before breakfast and keep a bottle with you throughout the day. Look after your team too by refilling their bottles when you refill yours.
  2. Umbrellas. Brollies will provide some relief from the scorching sun beating down on you. Holding umbrellas over cast or crew members assists in maintaining make-up and keeping colleagues cooler. Ask Unit for Production umbrellas or BYO depending on the gig.
  3. PPE. What is that? In Occupational Health and Safety talk, PPE is Personal Protective Equipment. This can include wide brimmed hats and light coloured, loose fitting, breathable clothing. Cotton is good. Mens’ cotton business shirts are a great example and the collar can be turned up to protect the back of your neck. Bonus.
  4. Cold Chux Accessories. You know it is really hot when the fashionable blue and white neck and wrist apparel make an appearance on set. A little preparation is needed. Wet the Chux and place them in snap lock bags. Put these in the fridge or freezer to chill and bring them to set in a cooler bag.These few ideas could help you power through you sunny work day, avoid the afternoon headache and keep you switched on to assist your team to your best.